To join us it takes 3 simple steps…

Membership Eligibility

  • Anyone at least eighteen (18) years old
  • Must be able to legally own a firearm
  • Has never been convicted of a crime of violence, that resides in New York State (NYS residency is preferred, but not required)
  • Must meet the membership requirements of NAAGA
  • May become a member of DNY DFC after completing the application approval process with payment.

Who can participate

  • We are a Chapter of NAAGA, therefore you must register with
  • We are a Firearm Club consisting mostly of people who identify as being of African and Latinx descent, however we welcome people from all walks of life.
  • Family members, under the age of 18, may participate in club activities under the direct supervision of parents, guardians, or other adult club members.
  • Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Firearm enthusiasts including active or retired law enforcement and/or military vets of color
Firearm Club memberships are paid annually upon the anniversary date of your initial application; dues are required to be paid before being given full access to member benefits and groups. Proof of NAAGA registration/blue membership card should be submitted to along with your application.
  • $125 per year – single
  • $200 per year – couple
  • $250 per year – family (3+)
  • $50 per year – youth (17 yrs or younger, must be accompanied by an adult at all times).
  • Memberships will not be denied because of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or physical disability of the applicant.

    Membership benefits includes:

    • Membership Welcome Kit (Constitution, Infographics, Resources, etc.)
      DFC Membership Card (Provisional & Full Access)
    • 1-2 mandatory firearm safety courses facilitated by G&G Security/DFC Speakers Bureau
    • Monthly/quarterly range visits
    • Bi-monthly Newsletter
    • Discounted Seminars, Special Events and Training
    • Preparation for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s Hunter Education & Safety course
    • Guidance for County/NYS/NYC permit and firearm acquisitions
    • Access to shared firearms (long/shot guns) for ongoing trainings held virtually, locally and nationally
    • Access to Members Only page on this website
      Group discounts for firearms purchases, equipment and ammo
    • Urban firearm enthusiasts members only social media groups
    • The most important benefit of becoming a DFC member is to be able to meet and do Business networking among members of the Diaspora/Black and Brown 2A community to share common issues, ideas, and objectives on gun safety and knowledge, self-defense, survival and defense of family.

    requirements and expectations

    1. The Club itself and all of our social media groups are intended to be MEMBERS ONLY.

    2. A Provisional MEMBER is defined as someone who has completed and returned their signed Application, Attestation and Code of Conduct forms and paid the fee for their desired membership level fee (Individual, Couple or Family).

    3. An All Access MEMBER is someone who has demonstrated a level of commitment to the process by completing designated courses, attended up to 2 Range Roundups where Instructors and/or the Leadership Team can assess your skills, behavior and use of the training with our own eyes to ensure that you are eligible for continued membership. Further details of this will be provided to those who complete #2 above.

    4. This Club and our respective social media groups are NOT a free for all, meaning that everyone must be properly vetted or referred prior to be permitted to share in the information and resources that’s reserved for our members. Please don’t attempt to add or invite people whom you yourself have not vetted to confirm if they want to make a long- term commitment or not. That’s not to say, if you join, pay the dues and later decide that it’s not for you that you’re “stuck.” Just give us written notice within 30 days and you will get a full refund.

    5. Those who are removed from any of our social media groups due to a violation of the Group Norms after a single warning and/or who breach the Club Code of Conduct, or found to have lied on their application, will not be eligible for a refund Your Violation = Your Loss, No Exceptions!

    6. Finally, like anything else, you get out of it, what you put into it! There is a ton of information and resources we have to share with our MEMBERS and a robust, exciting curriculum planned for throughout the year. We recognize that it’s not fair to share everything with everybody if you have not made a similar commitment as those who have already responsibly followed the expectations we have of Members.

    We reserve the right to hold off on sharing certain information with the general public until the requirements of membership has been met by anyone who is willing to make the commitment. Our dues are reasonably priced with the intent of being inclusive and accessible for any who say they want to be a part of the 2A Culture and Lifestyle..

    Please feel free to reach out to us in order to get more details about keeping an active membership status with DFC and all the other wonderful benefits of membership. Thanks in advance for your interest and for making serious inquiries only!

    Contact Us

    FB & Whatsapp Private Groups: Available to Members Only. Invites to be sent upon payment of dues.