Our goal is to galvanize and capture the socially conscious urban professionals’ market that are members of various professions and organizations (including the military and law enforcement) across the African diaspora, for the purpose of exposing them to the wonders of firearm ownership. This Club will become a “must join” for many of these progressive, successful individuals who are looking to “get in touch with their 2A side” while taking advantage of their Constitutional right without having to pay a small fortune to do so. Through a supportive, built-in network that can be leveraged to elevate each other’s respective endeavors in and outside of the Range, we will work together to empower and defend our families and communities by focusing on 4 priority areas:

Home/Business & Self Defense

We are a Pro-2nd Amendment (2A) Club made up of diverse individuals and groups. We encourage our Diasporan community to normalize firearm ownership for people of color living in the North East instead of criminalizing it or assuming that you are unable to benefit from the 2A lifestyle as avidly as others outside of New York State. As a Diasporan Firearm Club we are responsible firearm owners and believe that every law-abiding citizen has the right to bear arms should they choose. We see our role as instrumental in supporting those who seek a greater insight into obtaining and training on the steps for firearm ownership for Home, Business and/or Self Defense.

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Firearms Safety/Education & Basics+

Our Firearm Club focuses on encouraging a fundamental knowledge of firearm safety.  While having a firearm readily available can have its advantages in the case of an emergency, it’s important to take the necessary safety measures to reduce the risk of having it used for any other purpose than to defend your life or the life of a loved one. We will provide everyone from the novice beginner, to the seasoned enthusiast, an opportunity to expand their knowledge base of all the intricacies associated with Firearm ownership from licensing and purchase, to use/maintenance, to storage, legal transportation and more.

Women and Families

A main thrust of Diasporans Firearm Club is to promote a Women and Family focused orientation to Firearms Safety and Education with a wide range of fun and engaging social events. We host virtual and in-person events geared towards women, children and families as well as provide various engaging workshops through Zoom. Through Zoom meetings, Whatsapp and Facebook groups for Members Only, you can receive a wide range of information and exposure to Range Roundupz (beginners, intermediate and advanced) to help your family make an informed decision about firearms and when (if at all) to introduce it to your child(ren) or when contemplating ownership for your household.

Networking and Resourcing Sharing in a 2A Paradigm (Range Round ups, Shoot & Share Mixers, Licensing support, 3F University, etc.)

Whether you just want to hang with new friends or join a “Shoot-N-Share Mixer” after one of our Range Roundups to keep the party going with business networking opportunities that allow us to help each other’s respective ventures to prosper and grow, there’s something for everyone in DFC. We’re looking to foster a nurturing and supportive environment for people of color within the broader 2A Culture and will offer our members a variety of activities to maximize their exposure and education to various firearms, the associated licensing process/requirements, legalities and acquisitions. Our 3F University offers members an interdisciplinary and proprietary multi-week curriculum on the survival and empowerment of the Diasporan community through Firearms, Family Wellness and Finance (3Fs) that allow our members to network with each other and spend time with other like-minded professionals with common interests. In the words of NAAGA Founder, “We can agree to disagree but not disconnect!”

Contact Us

FB & Whatsapp Private Groups: Available to Members Only. Invites to be sent upon payment of dues.