Diasporans Firearm Club is very excited to announce that we will be offering group classes of 10 -20 students which will include 2 hour (virtual) classroom time and 1 hour range time, as well as full day weekend sessions on a periodic basis. Please email if you would like to book a class at one of our upcoming Range Roundupz.
  • MAIN TOPICS: We will cater each class to students’ individual needs.  Most classes start with general firearm safety then move on to how the firearm works, gun cleaning, malfunctions, shooting fundamentals, range rules, etc.
  • OTHER TOPICS: We cover a wide range of other related 2nd Amendment (2A) topics such as storage, firearm law, ammunition, advanced training, sight adjustment, licensing and permits, etc.
  • MOST POPULAR CLASS (3 HOUR CLASS):  Our most common instruction class is a 3 hour class (2 hours classroom, 1 hour live fire at range).  This gives the student a great foundation of knowledge going forward.  3 hours is a nice amount of time and it doesn’t impact your day too much, you can even do this after work in the evening.
  • PERKS:  We would look to rent out all five points at the range, so there’s no distractions from other shooters, enabling us to remove ear protection to provide instruction in between shooting. The isolation also allows the shooters to focus on their shooting fundamentals much better in a supportive and safe environment.
  • SHARED GUN RENTALS:  We can rent you rifles and shotguns or you can bring your own. Contact us for more details if you need a rifle/long gun and/or ammo at $50 per hour (for up to 3 firearms) plus the cost of ammunition.
  • IMPORTANT TO KNOW:   We are currently only doing small group classes of 10-20 students and are following masking/social distancing guidelines. Due to the limited class size, a payment of $25 will be required to reserve your slot. Refunds will only be given if cancellations are done within 48 hours ONLY. The deposit will go towards your ammunition fees upon arrival.
LOCATION:   Our (in person) Range Roundupz are primarily held at an indoor gun range called Nassau County Rifle & Pistol Range at 1 Charles Lindbergh Blvd, Uniondale, NY 11553. We will also visit other Ranges Upstate NY and Westhampton, Long Island for outdoor excursions and tactical training. DATES AND TIMES AVAILABLE: TBD Please email admin@nydfirearmclub.orgto book a session. Include your full name, preference for weekend/weeknight/full day Tactical Support and the complete names of any additional people that will be taking the class with you.

  • 3 HOUR HOME PROTECTION SHOTGUN CLASS – $200 – $250 (with ammo)
  • 3 HOUR RIFLE CLASS (TARGET PRACTICE) – $200 – $250 (with ammo)

  •  EXTRA NOTES: Remember…all classes are booked on a first come, first serve basis and are confirmed once we have a minimum of 5 paid members. Ammo can be provided with advance notice, however it’s advisable to obtain your own so that you can shoot as much as you bring within the allotted timeframe. Due to current events, ammunition is in short supply, so we can only ensure up an average of 25-50 rounds will be provided for particular calibers including .22LR, 12 gauge, .9mm, .450 Bushmaster .223/5.56 are the more popular ones that we generally keep in stock, but can’t guarantee having a supply at any given time. Therefore, you should purchase your ammunition if you can, well in advance of the class. You will need a minimum of 20-40 slugs (no buckshot, no birdshot) for shotgun classes, 30-50 rounds of ammo for rifle classes, and note that pistol grip shotguns are permitted. Handguns are not provided nor permitted to be shared with non-licensed enthusiasts. Rifles and shotguns are available to rent with advance notice, so please reach out if you will be needing to reserve one of our shared firearms. We look forward to serving your Firearm Safety Education and Self/Home and Business Defense needs! Membership in both the Club and with NAAGA is required to participate in any Club activities for liability purposes…no exceptions!

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